Frequently Asked Questions And Answers


What comes with a 360 Photo Booth

Our 360 Photo Booth comes with a base, rotating arms, thread mount, phone mount, ball mount, and the appropriate connecting hardware. All pieces also fit in the case that comes with your purchase for convenient carrying.

What Size 360 Photo Booth is right for my application

What size will work best for you depends on your application and how many people you intend to use the 360 Photo Booth at any one time. Generally, the smaller devices work for intimate events like weddings, and the larger options are great for conventions.
27″: 1-2 people
31″: 2-3 people
40″: 3-4 people
45″: 5-6 people

How big is a 360 Photo Booth

The 360 photo Booth contains a platform available in different sizes and an arm. The arm requires three feet of clearance minimum around the platform to rotate fully. All components can be disassembled for easy transport.

Can i get my product personalized

Yes, you can personalize your 360 Photo Booth however you like. However, we recommend only decorating the top of the platform and the travel case so that you do not impede the movement of the camera arm.

What is the weight limit for the people

The General Weight limit about 100kg-600kg,whcih can accommodate 2-6 people. P.S weight limit differs for each product

Does the 360 Photo Booth come with a warranty

All our products come with a one-year warranty. If you experience a warranty issue or your product arrives damaged, don’t hesitate to contact customer support.

How long does it take to setup

Setup time largely depends on how much of your backdrop you need to create. Once you have assembled the 360 Photo Booth a few times, setting it up should take five to ten minutes.

Do you ship internationally

 We ship domestically and internationally. If you want to purchase a 360 Photo Booth, you can see the options during the checkout process.

How long does it take for my product to arrive

Shipping time will vary based on your location. In particular, international shipping will take longer than domestic and may be delayed by factors beyond our control.

What shipping carriers do you use

We use all major carriers, and local courier partners. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.


What are benefits of a 360 Photo Booth

By using 360 photo booths, you can attract more attention and help your business increase! With an ever-increasing number of mobile phones available in today’s generation, brilliant phone users, your business can quickly gain popularity with accessible share features like sending over social media platforms or through email.

Why should you buy a 360 Photo Booth

Are you an events, photography, or photo booth professional? What do you know about 360 Photo Booths? This new craze is sweeping the world, and you need to capitalize on this trend. Choosing to buy a 360 photo booth could be one of the best investments you ever make in your business.

How does the 360 Photo Booth work

The camera moves in 360 degrees to freeze the shot from all directions. It instantly gives a 3-dimensional picture without you needing to move a bit.

Is the 360 photo booth worth it

The booth gives you the convenience of sharing your guests’ photos and videos via social media or other online photo-sharing platforms. Your guests can share the pictures in no time on their pages. So, the installation of a social 360-degree photo booth is a complete win-win for your event.

What sets your 360 Photo booth apart

Our 360 Photo Booths provides up to 360 degrees of photo angle, allowing more unique photos from your event. Additionally, our 360 photo booth is uniquely engineered for easy assembly and use throughout your event. Create memorable photos with our 360 Photo Booth on any occasion.